1c. Advocate for policies, procedures, programs and funding strategies to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school and district technology plans and guidelines.

The first year of this program my teaching position was an elementary technology specialist.  Now I have returned to the general education elementary classroom. Although both teaching positions allow integrate technology into my classroom, when I was a technology specialist I was able to take a larger role in technology leadership at a district level.  I, along with another elementary technology teacher, worked with our district’s technology coach to come up with a scope and sequence for a comprehensive K-12 digital citizenship curriculum. Because of this project, I have continued to remain focused and interested in digital citizenship and conducted a research project where I surveyed staff and analyzed the digital citizenship needs and trends for students at my current K-5 elementary school.

I have worked to demonstrate proficiency with this substandard as shown through the following evidence:

  • Digital Citizenship Curriculum Development
  • Needs Assessment of Digital Citizenship for an Elementary School
  • Digital Readiness Project